Sensei Dave Lawrence (2nd Dan)


I’ve had an interest in combat sports from an early age.  I studied Judo and Lau Gar Kung Fu under Neville Wray and trained for five years at the five star boxing club.  But it was joining Ishinryu Karate ( in which my two brothers also trained) and gaining my first Dan Black belt under Sensei Ticky Donovan when I finally found my style of combat.

Dave Lawrence KickIn 1986 I joined Woodlane under Sensei John Walton and in the same year gained my first three grades. But my heart was in fighting and so as a 6th Kyu l entered my first tournament.  Finding my previous martial arts training being to my advantage, I won a few fights.  Learning much from my brothers I started to use my kicking to great effect and became known as a high kicker.  I fought at the under 21’s British championships and in the youth games of 1987-88.  In 1988 I left Woodlane to train with Sensei Ticky Donovan and in 1991 I gained my black belt.  Just weeks later a serious injury to my back forced me to stop training.

After a ten year lay off, in which I got married and had children, I finally returned to Karate training. This was after doctors had told me I would never train again.  In 2013 I gained my 2nd Dan.  Training under sensei Lee Smith I entered my last tournament and gained third place.  After this I retired from tournament fighting in order to fully focus on training and teaching at Woodlane and Dragons under sensei Lee Smith, Chris Vant and Tony Spinks.

I look forward to achieving the goals I have set myself as I continue to train and instruct Ishinryu Karate.