As well as highly trained Karateka, Dragon instructors are also parents and they appreciate and understand the needs of younger students.


Lee Smith (6th Dan)

Sensei LeLee Smith (2015) DSC_5968e Smith is chief instructor at Collier Row and Woodlane Ishinryu.  Lee started karate training in 1984 at just 8 years old.

In 1990 he achieved 1st Dan black belt, followed by 2nd Dan in 1994 and 3rd Dan in 1998.  Lee was awarded 4th Dan in 2003, 5th Dan in 2010 and 6th Dan in 2016 by Ishinryu founder Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE.

In addition to extensive competition and coaching experience Lee is also a qualified Ishinryu association Referee.

To learn more about Sensei Lee Smith, his time with Woodlane, and his views on Karate please see an Interview with Sensei Lee Smith.


David Lawrence  (2nd Dan)Dave Lawrence

Sensei David Lawrence is an instructor at Collier Row and Woodlane Ishinryu.  David started trained at Woodlane Ishinryu in 1985, achieving 1st Dan black belt in 1991.  Following an enforced break in training David returned to Woodlane in 2005 bringing his two children along to train.  Training consistently since that time, David graded to 2nd Dan in 2013.

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